Aij Utani, the Utanian national carrier

Aij Utani is the national airline of the UDR of Utania, consisting of twenty-eight aircraft, and some twenty-two hundred staff, it carries over six thousand passengers weekly around the country, on one of thirty-four different routes. Since being formed, the challenge of the airline is to amalgamate services, then provide the best in air travel for regional Utania. The Utanian government has also committed itself to expanding the fleet of craft, and add especially to the international routes capacity of the airline. Another seven to thirteen jets may be added in the short-term future.

-- History --

Aij Utani is the amalgamation of three airlines of the Guwimith Tsarist regime: By the Constitution and the Accord for the Dissolution of Guwimithian Empire Assets (UNV:15/54), any assets owned by a member of the Guwimithian Court, or Imperial appointee in the Dependencies, shall become the property of the Governments of the dependency states, in this case, Utania. Therefore, the Federal Government of Utania is 100% owner of the Aij Utani corporation and its multi-million Pund asset base.

-- The Fleet --

Aij Utani has a fleet of twenty-eight planes. Below is a list of the planes, and their specifications:

Delacroix 50
Range: 2033 km
Capacity: 50 seats
Engines: 2x 2050kW (2750shp) Delacroix PW127B turbo-props
Crew: Cockpit: 2, Service: 2
Cruising speed: 526 km/h
(From the Delacroix web site:
Smallest plane of the fleet, the DAC-500
Smallest of the fleet, the DAC-500 is designed to carry about 80 passengers up to 1000km, and is usually used for the smaller, shorter routes between major Utanian regional centres, such as the Mulgrave to Letherington route.
Medium-level plane, the DAC-1000
The DAC-1000 is a small jet fitted to serve about 100 passengers, and is usually in use for flights from major Utanian centres to other major centres, such as Luka to Vela Luka, Utan Krysaror or Shecker, etc...
The largest plane, the Klagstein K-0330
Range: 5420-6000km
Capacity: 178-199 seats
Engines: 2 Vardon & Smythe TT-4 Jet Turbines
Crew: Cockpit: 2, Service: 5-7
Cruising altitude: 9,800km
Cruising speed: 860km/h
(From the Klagstein web site:
The Klagstein K-0330 is the long range carrier for Aij Utani, taking the international routes to Gough, Whitlam; Guwimith City; Lukica and Lochboer. At this stage, Aij Utani can then pass passengers on to other airlines which can then take them to their final destination. One of the jets is also running the Luka-Utan Krysaror route. One of these jets is a cargo carrier.
Long-haul plane, the VAB-Nordica
Range: 15,724 km
Capacity: 313 seats
Engines: 4 x VAB-Nordica 236kN (53,000lb) thrust Trent 553
Crew: Cockpit: 2, Service: 7-11
Cruising speed: 990 km/h
Purchase from Air Aethelnique announced July 4, 308ap.

-- The Routes --

Aij Utani has thirty-four different flights that may be taken by customers of the airline. To book over the internet, please make the following selection, then enter the remaining details below. Thank you for flying Aij Utani.
43 different routes around the country and overseas International and Core routes
Luka - Utan Krysaror, Û1800.
Utan Krysaror - Lukica, Û2400.
Luka - Lochboer, Û2400.
Utan Krysaror - Guwimith City, Û4500.
Luka - Gough, Û9400.

Major Routes
Utan Krysaror - Agraam, Û600.
Utan Krysaror - Shecker, Û900.
Utan Krysaror - Vela Luka, Û900.
Luka - Shecker, Û1100.
Luka - Vela Luka, Û1100.

Major Regional routes
Luka - Ujam, Û1400.
Utan Krysaror - Savana Tern, Û800.
Utan Krysaror - B'yantusu, Û800.
Utan Krysaror - Mulgrave, Û800.
Savana Tern - Kanhara, Û600.
Savana Tern - Utan Jesu, Û700.
Shecker - Vela Luka, Û600.

Regional routes
Savana Tern - Chiquiti, Û600.
Savana Tern - Ayana, Û700.
Savana Tern - Tuama Koj, Û600.
Agraam - Gorana, Û550.
Agraam - Aka'an, Û600.
Utan Jesu - Virana, Û1200.
Virana - Navoomi, Û900.
Utan Jesu - Utan Savaj, Û1050.
Lethington - Utan Savaj, Û800.
Vela Luka - Isaston, Û500.
Isaston - Yoamith, Û700.
Letherington - Yoamith, Û600.
Hamilton - Letherington, Û600.
Luka - Hamilton, Û600.
Luka - Waitaki, Û400.
Utan Krysaror - Koltij, Û450.
Ujam - Yan Gror Utan, Û300.
Vela Luka - U'jama, Û600.
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