Release: May 1st, 301ap.

Odd Spot - Haastadt Herald newspaper, May 1, 301 AP

An unusual and solitary business card was found at a trade show and business conference with nothing more than a picture of a black mace and a phone number on the reverse. The Odd Spot investigated, finding that the phone number on the reverse was registered six months ago by a Dr Hubert Phile, a man unfortunately deceased... since 299ap?! Even more unusual is that the address the number is registered to does not have the phone connected, so is lost in the telephone network which Haastadt Telecomm says will be near impossible to trace - such is the state of the phone network. Businessmen at the conference had never seen a company with that logo, but didn't doubt it could be a solitary businessman. If anyone has any further information to add to this mystery, could they please contact Tomas Hooven at the Herald.

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"Odd Spot" is a column in the Haastadt Herald newspaper which deals with the unusual, the bizarre or the downright strange news reports that pass on the wire.

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