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Release: July 30, 301 AP.

Over a million rally in capital

President K'yonte's regime is so unpopular that over one million people have
gathered in the capital, Haastadt, to protest his continuing government.

The centre of the capital of Rovens was awash with people today. They had
come from as far afield as the Guwimithian cities of the north, such as Kotovsk,
and Yoma-Koj in the west. The trains were specially running today expressly for
the purpose of ferrying people from around the country into the capital, and never
have they worked so efficiently and effectively.

As they arrived at Haastadt Railway Station, organisers were forming massive
crowds of people, then sent them marching and shouting into the city centre,
each by a different route. In all, organisers said they had over a hundred such
crowds of people of between five and ten thousand people. They were then
joined by locals who travelled by car to the city, and joined these organised
protests. All were shouting the same thing in a single chorus, and would
sychronise their shouts with another nearby protest crowd if they came close
enough to them. It was like a chorus -- a disharmonious singing of two simple
words "K'yonte resign".


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