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Release: Saturday, July 27th, 302 AP.

Cluj mayor killed by car bomb

The crime-fighting mayor of Cluj, the largest Port-of-Olives city on the east
coast of Rovens, was killed by a car bomb in what President Weissman says "will
likely be" linked to the Semenenko crime syndicate.

At 1:43pm this afternoon, Cluj's Mayor Sergei Vaboska and three others were
killed when his car exploded in a ball of flames. Returning from a half-day of
city business, witnesses say Vaboska approached his car in the Mayoral carpark,
deactivated the alarm, and the huge fireball erupted from beneath the car.

Vaboska, an aide, a bodyguard and a passerby were all killed, with another
thirteen seriously injured.

Mayor of the 90% ethnically-Guwimithian city of 930,000 people, conservative
Vaboska was elected on a platform of cleaning-up the city's spiralling crime
rate, and ran afoul of the powerful Dimitri Semenenko, an accused crime-boss in
charge of what Police claim is a 470-man, R65 million crime syndicate.

Naturally, Semenenko denies the charges, claiming to be little more than a
import/export businessman. However, an anonymous straw poll of the city's
police, journalists and others clearly shows a substantial body of hearsay
evidence that strongly suggests otherwise.

Semenenko began life as a port-worker, built up a port business, and began to
muscle other companies out of business. R1 billion worth of trade passes
through Cluj, worth about R70 million to the companies involved, and a
significant number of companies experienced mysterious increases in violence
against their assets, forcing them out of business. The syndicate is also
accused of corruption, extortion, prostitution and the drug-trade.

The city is also suffering from a high incidence of inter-ethnic violence, with
minorities fleeing the city's increasingly militant fascist and racist
"skinhead" gangs, which Semenenko is also said to sponsor.

President Weissman is also convinced, sending a special Police unit to
investigate. It is clear that the President questions the ability -- or
willingness -- of local police to investigate the crime.

Vaboska had been very successful since being elected in March 301, shortly
after the nation gained independence, and was now moving against organised
crime, such as the Semenenko syndicate. Unfortunately for the people of Cluj,
the Semenenko syndicate moved first.

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