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Release: March 31, 301 AP.

Attempted coup in Rovens!

The national capital of Rovens has been seized and sealed in an apparent Coup D'Etat by the country's military, or at least the hard-core Paratrooper Battalion.

Sealing off the capital, the soldiers erected road blocks and sentries across all streets leading into the centre of the capital, an area which includes the national television station and the Parliament building. It is unknown how many parliamentarians have been captured, but the President is not amongst them. Numbering about three hundred, the soldiers have apparently not yet been joined by any other units of the armed forces, though it is known that supportive individual soldiers have joined the paratroopers in the centre of the city.

Four hours after the coup, the coup's leader, Paratrooper commander Colonel Enra Zegennin, on national television based in Haastadt, called on the military to "rise up and put an end to the communist government of Rovens". He listed several "crimes" of the government, particularly the policy to negotiate with the communist rebels who control much of the countryside, rather than evict them forcefully, and condemned the President.

The President of the Peoples Republic went on national radio to condemn the attempted coup and called on the nation's top military chief, General Keralski, to condemn the coup also.

So far, nothing has yet been heard from General Keralski, and the air of anticipation is palpable. The people of the Peoples Republic may, in fact, be looking at the closing hours of the final chapter in the brief history of the Republic which only began three short months ago.

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