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Release: March 26, 301 AP.

Rovens military chief says he has respect for rebels

Amea Kope, the inner cabinet Minister for the Military, said, in an interview by Zeitgeist Magazine, that he has respect for the rebels that have plagued the region, and that this is his secret to success for the peace that now reigns over Rovens.

Kope, a moderate member of the PIMR government of Rovens, has successfully negotiated a truce with the five guerilla organisations that control up to one third of the country, and will now attempt to negotiate a union with those movements that have been fighting the now-defunct Guwimith regime for forty years.

He outlines in the interview his "secret to success", a plan that, if successful, could be a model for the peaceful integration of rebellions around the globe, such as those in Northern Gronk, South Bay and Begral.

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