Peoples Republic of Rovens
Department of Information statement
March 21, 301

The Peoples Republic has merged the regular Military and the Peoples Democratic Army in an effort to provide a joint defense of the Republic and the People.

The small, politically moderate rebel force of some 4,000 under "General" Marco Kotomi had made its mission the overthrow of the Guwimithian regime. Once achieved they focused attention on overthrowing the UNVCOCN administration, but there their tactics became more political. They proceeded to "work with the administration in the past six months, to provide stability and security to the citizens in the Gvonj and Patak regions of the country", said Assembly spokeswoman, Janomi Kontoy.

"They now believe that their job is done by achieving independence for the people, and it is time to provide that same protection to the people under the umbrella of the Government of Rovens", continued Kontoy, "and so, they have agreed to merge into the army."

The Peoples' Democratic Army will become the Rovens 14th Infantry Brigade, and it's soldiers will slowly be integrated into the rest of the Army. "General" Marco Kotomi will continue to serve as the brigade's commander with the rank of Brigadier.

General Keralski, Chief of Staff for the Rovens military is said to be pleased with the merger. There remain four other rebel military forces in the country, including the largest, the Pataki Peoples Army, a politically communist group of an estimated 23,000 soldiers. The PPA are the most reticent to join the Rovens Army, even though their political wing, the Pataki Communist Party, is a core party of the PIMR coalition.

In the service of the People.

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