UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: May 30, 300 AP.

President "weak-willed" on democracy - DEMOCRATS.

The provisional President of the UDR of Utania has found himself in
hot water over several of the comments and statements he made in a
televised interview on Sunday night.

The President's own coalition-partner, the Democrats, have attacked
Hope's stand on political polling which had been banned by the UNV
during their administration of Point South. Democrat leader Louis
Campden attacked the President's weak-willed approach to "true

"Clearly the President would like to keep democracy under wraps until
the elections are over in August." Mr Campden stated. "Political
polling may not be the answer for true democracy, but the Democratic
Party will not stand idly by while the President retains the ban on a
fundamental democratic right!"

Several other attacks have been made by opposition parties on the
President's comments, as wide ranging as the President's
"callousness" toward the rural poor, his proposed "third tier"
relationship with communist nations and refusing to join the ANNV,
supported by some, but not all, opposition MP's.

What made the attacks so powerful was the Conservative Party's
inability to defend nor refute the claims and attacks. The Prime
Minister, Mr Kemp, was seen to be weak in his defence of President
Hope's statements, prompting speculation that he did not fully
endorse the statements made.

The full text of the interview can be found here.

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