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Release: June 6, 300 AP.

Hope announces Golfing event

President Hope has told key press members that he personally telegrammed golfers George Penneton and Amea Aratesuna today congratulating them on their golfing successes in their inaugural tour event. He then intimated that wished he could follow them, being himself a "keen golfer".

The President then went on to announce that Utania had its first "and by no means last" international golfing event. The Luka-based Belson Corporation, one of Utania's lead food processing companies, said it would lead sponsors to the inaugural event, to be known as the Belson Golf Classic.

Belson deputy-CEO, Charles Urami, then stepped up and provided further details about sponsorship possibilities. The event is to be held at the exclusive Luka Golf Club course.

Exclusive Luka Golf Club

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