UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: June 17th, 300ap.


A faction within the Democratic Party of Utania threatened to withdraw support from the fledgling government today, which already struggles to hold power, unless steps toward "direct democracy" were made.

The leader of the faction, Kenneth Otoma, had recently completed a party analysis of Lendosa's democratic model and came away sufficiently impressed that he strongly recommended that the Democratic Party take the model as its standard. Unfortunately, the party hierarchy disagreed with his analysis, and voted down the proposal. Now, Otoma and several supporters are threatening to walk from the Democratic party unless some of the suggested "improvements to democracy" are taken on as policy by the government.

The Democrats are said to be furious at the faction and its members. Prime Minister Kemp is reported to have denounced the True Democrats as bullies using "undemocratic methods" to get their way.

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