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Thieves steal ancient artifact
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Cold snap avalanche claims five more lives
LNP's Langley demand the UNV release partial command of Utanian military!
Chiquiti, Kanharans, Tuaman continue talks of secession.
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Tensions escalate in former Mauretania - occupation of Joos begins
Danica, Feniz launch sattelites
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Football: Mulgrave repels Ujam assault
Golf: Utanian Golf open nearing
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Unsettled weather with more highlands snow
9-19 C (Luka),
10-19 C (Charleston),
12-22 C (Vela Luka)
14-24 C (Utan-Kr)

-- Poll predicts HOPE may be lost!! --

The Herald newspaper is the country's FIRST when it came to reporting the seeds of Utania's independence, and now is the first to report on the nation's first political poll, by CONDUCTING the nation's first legal political poll!

The results of the nation's first political poll are certain to put politicians out of their complacency, with the Hope coalition trailing, holding only 43% of the national vote, and predicted to lose to a PPP-LaR-USP coalition who will hold a five seat majority. Furthermore the Conservative Party, that has lead the Government coalition to date, is trailing the Democrats, meaning Louis Campden, Democrat leader, might be Utania's provisional President by September.

The Herald Poll was conducted within hours of the Presidential decree on Thursday afternoon, with fifty voters polled from each and every electorate in the country, a total of over 2500 interviews.
The likely result in terms of seats in Parliament is projected below:


This presents the Peoples Party (PPP) and Utan-Sædaj Party (USP) with 69 seats together, a marginal majority. With the Labor-Republicans joining them, they have a five seat majority in the House, and fourteen seats over the 60-seat government coalition.

No senior government source was available for comment, but one coalition MP interviewed said that he felt this was the "kick-start that Hope needs" whom too many in the party feel has coasted along. "This will undeniably give Hope the NEED", said the source to get the whole country onside, "not just those in the eastern states, because it's in Utani B'yan where our asses are getting kicked"

Professor David Kapur, Head of the Politics department at the University of Luka, a consultant to the Herald poll, said that he felt the greatest threat to continued unity in the country remained with the divide between Lasanne-Nystonia and Savana-Utani B'yan, "And the voting patterns in the poll show this".

Professor Kapur showed that, according to the poll, the opposition currently holds 60% of the vote in Utani B'yan, and the government 35%. While in Lasanne it was 40 to 55 the other way.

Professor Kapur added that, "Unless one of the coalition pairs manages to break that deadlock, the parliament is always going to be fractured and smaller parties, like the Progressive Party, or the Liberals will hold the balance of power, a situation no one wants."

"This divide MUST be bridged, or we face not only electoral defeat for any government, but also an increasing divide that could lead to violence in the future."

When asked who he thought was best placed to bridge the divide, Professor Kapur said that clearly President Hope was in that position, but that if he did not, the Democrats would most likely stand against him.

No source from the Democratic Party was available for comment.
The Luka Herald poll was conducted by telephone with over 2500 interviewees on the evening of Thursday, June 29th. They were asked the question: "If the election were being held tomorrow, would you vote, and for whom would you vote?" At least fifty respondents were found in each electorate as defined by the UEC. The statistical variance in each electorate exceeds +/- 10%, but nationally is less than +/- 5%. Therefore all statements made as to the likely winner of the election are pure speculation and should not be taken as fact.
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