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Release: September 7, 300 AP.

Conservative MP, Max Boornal, in Surina

By hard investigative reporting, <Tech> read, by-fluke bumping into the guy in an airport lounge! </Tech> Utanian Press Agency reporter Kyle Warton has discovered that legendary Conservative MP from Lasanne, Max Boornal, was en route to Surina, the capital of the Greater Burovian (Westrian) Realm via an Aij Utani flight to Gough, FRW.

Speculation is that Boornal was en route to negotiate financial support for the Utanian economy if the Conservative-lead government is returned to power. Boornal worked as General Manager of Finance for the Guwimith National Bank prior to politics, and has a long history of obtaining financial backing from other countries. Boornal heading for the capital of the Burovian realm could only mean he will be seeking financial support from the realm for Utania.

This suggests that the recent rift between Boornal and the Conservative President has been healed. Boornal savagely attacked the President for his invasion of the I'ana archipelago last month, leading to speculation that Boornal would not continue to contest his Waitaki seat for the Conservative Party.

Boornal refused to comment at the time, and his parliamentary office have stated that he is "on personal leave at the moment". President Hope was unavailable for comment.

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