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Release: September 7, 300 AP.

New Advertisements plague Utania

A spate of political advertisements have taken over the television sets of the Utanian people. They now make up 20% of the evening TV ads, from nine different parties, all in response to the announcement of the final Utanian election day: September 30.

The Conservative Party, eagar to reverse the losses in last Monday's Zeitgeist poll, have flooded Utanian television screens with almost one ad' every fifteen minutes at an estimated cost of over ChC 40,000 per hour. Three of theirs are provided below with the key slogan "The only party for a better future".

The Peoples Party were second off the blocks: "A golden future, but for everyone" is their slogan, in an advertisement aiming to catch the eye of those keen for a better life. It parades a selection of the better hotels or other palaces in Utania, from file news footage, then intersperses with shots of the bitter poverty of some Utanians.

However, marketing guru's are quick to congratulate the Democrats who, now realising that the election is on, are powering forward with their campaign: "The Party for Progress/People". Simple, easy to remember, and with the images of a Kanharan community erecting a new village hall with Uta-Decashi assistance, the message is clear: Utanians helping Utanians. It is inclusive. It is simple. It has won accolades.

Finally an advertisement from the Utani-Saedaj Party is using imagery of the Utani people, and their way of life to tell Utani that "the only way to protect this is to vote for us". It will be very successful on the older generation, who, ironically, have already transferred their vote to their tribal chief anyway. Translated it says: For the Utani way of life; For the Utani children; Vote Utani-Sædaj.

In OTHER words, I've created a vast number of mock political advertisements, that are actually animated GIFs.

Conservative Party TV advertisement Another TV commercial from the Conservative Party Peoples Party TV advertisement Utani-Saedaj Party TV advertisement Democrats TV advertisement

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