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New TV Advertisements from other parties

Four new advertisements have appeared on Utanian television from four different political parties to, presumably, keep up with the advertising blitz provided by the Peoples, Conservative, Utani Sædaj and Democratic parties last week.

The advertisements began on Sunday evening on most television stations across the nation, except for the Utani Progressive Party advertisements which focused more heavily in Utani electorates. The Progressives are the first to use the Utanian flag on their advertisements, prompting in viewers a sense that billionaire James Angorit's party is patriotic. The slogan is simple: Vote for an Utani future, and very much in line with the debate is recently triumphed at.

The Cruis-Democrats have sought to strengthen their support amongst Cruistian voters (99% of the country) unhappy with the Peoples Party's reformist stance on crime and punishment. They have released a controversial advertisement that states that criminals should be living in fear, not the rest of the population. The Cruis-Democrats are vocal in their support for tougher penalties for criminals, and have already spoken "at length" with Burovians about pushing a strong anti-crime bill through parliament.

The Liberal Nationalists have released their "Utania for Utanians" advertisement that has been their slogan since before the election, admonishing voters to "Vote for an Utanian future".

The Burovians have also released a third advertisement in the series of "Business not bombs" advertisements which consists of a rapid-fire display of scenes from Utanian troops occupying the I'ana archipelago, before displaying the Burovian's slogan. Advertising insiders say the Burovians have more diverse advertisements forthcoming now that their campaign chest has been bolstered by numerous pledges and donations from companies and business groups.

Cruis-Democrats TV advertisement Liberal Nationalist TV advertisement Utani-Progressive Party TV advertisement Utanian Burovian Movement TV advertisement

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