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Release: September 12, 300 AP.

President Hope promises accountability.

President Hope told a gathering of Conservative Party supporters that under a Conservative-lead government, with him as President, they would get the most accountable government of all the parties.

Announcing his party's policies on Taxation reform, President Hope emphasised his party's commitment to "honesty and complete accountability to the Utanian public". He said that under a Hope administration, each household in Utania would receive an annual report from the administration, which would list all government departments and describe the actions and projects of the department, providing information to tax-payers about what they were paying their taxes for. The annual report would be in the same style as most corporate reports to their shareholders.

While the idea brought applause from the crowd, it has brought derision from the opposition. "The idea is an expensive joke", said George Okarvits. "They expect tax-payers to buy the idea that they will be truly accountable to the people by publishing a book that says they are? It will be little more than electioneering material for Hope's Presidential campaign next year!"

Newly-appointed Burovian Movement leader Max Boornal, himself a former-until-recently Conservative Party MP, said Hope "stole the idea from me". Boornal claims he raised the idea in a party caucus meeting in April, but it was rejected. "It is current Utanian Burovian policy, so we will support the President's efforts there. But, we will also make him keep to his word on being accountable. He will find there is few easy ways out when he makes commitments like that! This will not be politics as usual", Mr Boornal promised.

President Hope said the report would be published in either Ingallish or Utani with both options being available to households. He also stated that each Department would open a "Freedom of Information" office, under his administration, to assist the general public with enquiries about their government.

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