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Release: September 22, 300 AP.

Utania makes Vexgames bid for Luka

As one of President Hope's last official acts, he has thrown Utania into the bid for next year's summer Vexgames, to be held in Luka next October.

Presidential Director for Culture, Sport and Tourism, Louis Saltury, said that the President had been planning a Luka-based bid for the 301 games since July, and has had departmental officers working on the budgets and plans for some weeks. The bid will focus most of the activities in Luka, but some football matches will be played in Vela Luka, Utan Krysaror, Charleston, Hamilton and Geelong. The Government has allocated Û700 million from funds to be raised from the sale of government-owned shares in public companies, but expects a "significant return for Utania".

"We are happy to be putting forward a bid, but we also acknowledge that there are several other cities putting together bids, and we cannot expect to win this privilege outright", President Hope stated.

More information, as in the bid site, is available at the following URL:

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