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Release: September 27, 300 AP.

Riots outside UNV offices

Riots have broken out within the protest at the Luka offices of the UNVCOCN "Point South" Mission which in response to a Zeitgeist Magazine published UNV Communiqué that recommended a "re-occupation" of Utania should federal democracy collapse.

Nationalist and pro-democracy protesters found themselves banded together against the UNV mission when protests began on Tuesday afternoon. They are against the suggestion in the Zeitgeist article, based on the official communiqué, that Utania's democratic institutions were on the verge of collapse and that the UNV should return to the country to UNV administration. They are also against the "blatant racism" by UNV analysts that suggests

The Zeitgeist magazine article was quoted on all news broadcasts on national television on Monday evening after the magazine's publication release Monday morning, and in all newspapers across the country that afternoon or following morning.

Protest has not been confined to the youths outside the Luka office of the UNV. Several politicians have been on television denouncing the communiqué, including President Hope, who the UNV memo said was "second most likely" to seize power by military coup. President Hope said it was clearly a slight not only on his commitment to democracy, and his decency, but on the decency and democratic-mindedness of all Utanians.

Pleas from the UNV mission for the protesters to be removed have been largely ignored by Lasanne authorities, themselves angry with the UNVCOCN mission. Acting Lasanne state Governor, Johnston Sheen, said his sympathies were with the protesters but said that general rioting would not be tolerated, and sent in state riot police to quell the unrest, but without removing the protest from outside the UNV offices.

Riots began on Wednesday morning and took control of much of the city around the Luka offices. Involving fewer than fifty people, say witnesses, riot police had the rioters under arrest and control within thirty minutes, but an estimated Û1 million damage had been done.

No statement has yet been issued by the UNV office, and employees are known to spent the evening in the offices. Copies of the Zeitgeist Magazine sold out by Monday evening, and the magazine released a second and third print-run on Tuesday morning and evening. A fourth edition is due on Thursday morning and will print the 1,000,000th copy of the edition, the highest circulation ever.

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