UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: October 2, 300 AP.

Election Update: Nystonia 77.8% complete

The Peoples Party are being routed in Nystonia state, at least as far as the popular vote tallies, with 77.8% of the state vote counted. Over three million votes of 3.9 million have been counted, and the tally shows the Cruistian-Democrats holding 590,115 votes, or 19.1% of the state total to date. The Peoples Party, predicted to win 16% are only holding 14.7%, or 453,811 votes.

The Burovians have been beaten away from their third national seat in the coastal U'jama electorate by the Peoples Party. The tallies are: CDP 88,691; Conservative 69,140; Peoples Party 66,751; Burovians 62,729 and Democrats 56,155. The electorate only has three seats, and the Peoples Party are currently four thousand votes ahead of the Burovians, with a maximum of only 107,452 voters registered to the electorate, likely to be only fifty thousand votes. It seems fate is cruel to the Burovians, who have dropped from a peak of seven seats in the Parliament to only two confirmed seats at this stage, while still holding more votes nationally than the three seat Republican Party.

The electorate of Benmore, just north of Vela Luka, has given a second seat to the Conservative Party in Nystonia state. With 83.1% of the electorate counted, the Conservatives are now 68,457 votes to the Democrats 60,866, putting them well ahead of the Democrats. The Liberal Nationalists and Cruistian-Democrats both have in excess of one-hundred thousand votes, and the Peoples Party 74,973 votes.

Two seats remain uncertain, and the allocated seats are six to the Peoples Party, five to the Cruis-Democrats, three Liberal Democrats, two Conservative and Utani-Sædaj, and one each to the Republican and Progressive Parties.

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