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Release: October 7, 300 AP.

"President" Okarvits press conference

Since being announced the winner of the inaugural election, soon-to-be-President George Okarvits has been the "darling of the press". In his first formal press conference on Saturday morning, the man who would be President was quizzed about all manner of his policies.

"Mr Okarvits, you will obviously be sworn-in as the Parliament's choice for President in the coming weeks, do you consider this a certainty, and if so, what becomes of the seat in Parliament you won?"

"Utania has elected a Parliament, a body of men and women who will represent them in the course of government, a very special event in anyone's book. I am sure that the Parliament will elect the person they feel is best for the job and presents the best direction for the country. I take nothing for granted. My candidacy for the Presidency is known and clear, and I would expect to be amongst the front-runners. If I am elected, then the next-listed candidate for the Waverley electorate from the Peoples Party will assume the seat in Parliament. This is Peter Fromb." (The Peoples Party won 19.7% of the vote in Waverley, making it one of the safest seats in the country.)

"What will be your direction for the Government? What will be the most-pressing matter for the government to consider?"

"I think that everyone will agree that we have somewhat wandered in the economic and political wilderness for long enough, through no fault of President Hope, we have simply not had sufficient mandate to execute a proper direction. This must change. We will press forward with an economic and reform-minded direction for the country, reforming the business community, for so long dominated by the Guwimithian regime, and make fair the exploitative practises of the past."

"So, will international business find favour in Utania?"

"I would certainly say 'yes', under the coalition government, companies and governments from all around Vexillium will find Utania open and willing to explore new relationships and ventures for mutual benefit. However, I would urge patience from both sides of the fence. We are not about to open the doors wholesale and allow a new era in exploitation to replace the previous one. This will not be one-sided; Utanians, ALL Utanians, must benefit from all deals this government puts in place, and we will see to it that this remains the case."

"Rumours abound regarding the formation of your government, that the Burovians and James Angorit's Progressive Party will be looking to join your coalition. Can you confirm these rumours, and what is or would be your response to these parties?"

"I have not heard from either Party, but I have also heard the rumours. I would welcome any party that wishes to join the government, absolutely. They will then form part of a coalition devoted to advancing the cause of the people, and will proportionally form part of that coalition. They will not, of course, be able to direct the government quite as much as perhaps some parties would like to. But, we are a government of inclusion, and will endeavour to include ALL parties in discussions regarding the future of the nation, reaching a concensus that ALL members of Parliament can vote for. We govern for ALL Utanians, not just to poor, and not just the rich."

"What will be the economic direction of this government?"

"Equality and fairness. It will be as simple as that. Does it promote benefits to the Utanian people? Does it do so without exploiting some of the Utanian people? Does it harm or hurt the traditional values of the Utanian people? These will be the questions we evaluate any direction we consider with. We are open to all approaches, and have no hard-and-fast rules as to how to move forward. I think you will find us very pragmatic and open to new ideas."

"How will you deal to rumours of the UNV's attempts to 're-secure' Utania?"

"I think it would be fair to say that the issue is dead now. Mr Davidz has admitted to publishing, at least in part, the memo, and I think the UNVCOCN in Utania has been badly damaged by the revelations. That is a shame, because they have done some marvelous work here. I think it remains a UNV internal matter now."

"What of rumours that Utanian troops have been sent to Dignania?"

"I am most disturbed by rumours that are emerging about the state of Utania currently. It would be my first task as President, if so elected, to find the truth behind such matters, and put to rest the rumours. If some are true, we shall determine what the best course of action is."

"How will your international relations ministry be run? What countries will receive the best attention? And how will your Presidency affect relations with the Burovian Party?"

"We will continue to have the best possible relations with all nations. We obviously have close relations with Whitlam, Zartania, EKZ, Feniz and the Burovian Realm, but I will be seeking to expand on this list, and to deepen the relationship with these states.

"As for the Burovian Party, and I can only assume you mean how will we regard Burovianism as a political philosophy, and the Burovian Realm... I think we can have an excellent relationship with any nation without currying favour with their... with political parties that represent their same goals, such as the Burovians. I see now reason why the Realm would not do business with us if the UBM are not part of the Presidential administration."

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