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Release: October 7, 300 AP.

Gordon Davidz admits to memo

Director of the UNVCOCN "Point South" Mission, the man who pushed for independence of Utania in April and May, Gordon Davidz, today admitted to authoring a confidential memo to the UNVCOCN headquarters in Christianshaven, but denied it was the one published in Zeitgeist Magazine two weeks ago.

Mr Davidz has been the leader of the UNVCOCN mission in "Point South" since the FRW & GZE invasion of April 299, and pushed for the liberation of Utania from under UNV administration earlier this year. However, he admits to authoring a confidential communiqué to the UNVCOCN headquarters in early September telling the UNV about the "unstable position" Utania was exhibiting, then asking for the UNV to consider options, including the re-establishment of UNV administration.

However, in today's statement, Mr Davidz said the memo he sent to Christianshaven was NOT the one published in Zeitgeist Magazine two weeks ago. He said the memo was far too strong in its denunciation of Utania's political future, and he denies ever making the recommendation of "re-occupation", saying it was "merely listed as an option under UNVCOCN standard list of options." He also denied sending a list of "potential coup-masters".

Mr Davidz was at a loss to explain the Zeitgeist memo, and his recent efforts to find a possible fraudulent author had been "significantly hampered by the absence of his UNVCOCN staff in Utania". He said it was so similar to his sent memo that the author most certainly had access to his sensitive data files in the UNVCOCN computer systems.

He also added that the UNVCOCN Headquarters rejected outright the notion of re-establishing administration of Utania due to "issues of sovereignty and lack of support from the two nations most involved in the original mission", referring to Whitlam and Zartania. (Zartania has apparently already denied it would be involved in any such "re-occupation" to the Utanian government.)

Mr Davidz said that he would be speaking with his superiors and with the new government of Utania to seek to "clarify my future role in the 'Point South' mission". He once more emphatically denied recommending "re-occupation" of Utania, and hoped that the UNV could re-establish normalised relations with Utania quickly.

Mr Davidz said the original memo could not be published due to UNVCOCN security protocols.

The memo published in Zeitgeist two weeks ago resulted in the Luke-based UNVCOCN mission being blockaded by protesters for several days, forcing a rescue by President Hope's own diplomatic security force. Mr Davidz has remained at a secret location within Utania since the rescue.

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