UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: October 24, 300 AP.

Okarvits announces cabinet

President Okarvits today announced his provisional cabinet amid controversy over his Armatirion statements, but pressed on regardless.

The President revealed a provisional cabinet, suggesting that either of the government-leaning parties has been invited into the cabinet in exchange for stronger support for the government in Parliament, where the four-party government has a one seat majority.

The cabinet structure would, for now, stay close to former President Hope's cabinet of only 12 members: President Okarvits and VP Lahsa Areopatre; Eric Barth, the Prime Minister, would be UNV liason; Richard Parkes, Treasurer; Jurgen Hoff, Attorney General and Director of Constitutional and Legal Matters; (former Governor) Arthur Reagan, Business, Trade and Economic Matters; Phillip Stanson, Health, Social Services and Education; USP deputy-leader Casper Atoha, Infrastructure and Services; Former soldier Samuel Artos, Defense and Intelligence; Robert Ramali, MWOP; Republican Party leader Robert Talin, Director of Diplomatic Relations; and Socialist MP John Stirling, MWOP.

One notable absense: women. President Okarvits pointed out that there was a only a small number of female MP's, but that he intended to address this in the cabinet review.

President Okarvits was dogged during question time over his statement that Armatirion was not a threat to Utania because she was a member of the ANNV.

Armatirion is not.
Nor is Armatirion a member of the UNV.

Critical errors made by an incoming President, or an attempt to placate voters? Pres. Okarvits scoffed at suggestions he lied, insisting that it was a simple mistake, an error on his part, which he would openly admit. He continued, saying that Armatirion has a reputation for peaceful dealings, but his administration would immediately commence diplomatic communications with the super-power nation to ensure peace between Utania and the great socialist state.

The President was also questioned, once more, about the UNVCOCN dispute and the recent warship visit by the Zartanians. President Okarvits quipped that he was pleased the Empire continued to have interest in Utania, and repeated that he believed the UNVCOCN issue was dead.

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