UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: December 28, 300 AP.

Luka bid committee concedes Vexilliad III

Official statement from the Luka (Utania) bid committee:

"In the absense of an official announcement (unless we were asleep at the time) the bid committee of the Luka, Utania Vexilliad III officially concedes the Vexilliad in favour of Lynne/Myo Beach, Lamb's Cove.

"We believe we put forward an excellent bid, and would like to thank those members of the IVC who had faith in us, in Utania. However, we do concede that by three votes to five, that the Lamb's Cove dual-city bid has certainly provided an equal-if-not-better bid to our own in the minds of the IVC members.

"We wish to congratulate the Lamb's Cove bidding team for an excellent presentation, and will be backing them 100% in the coming months. We also extend an offer to them for us to assist in any way they should require the support of the Utanian Vexgames Committee.

"Once again, our heartfelt congratulations to the Lynne/Myo Beach committee and to the nation of Lamb's Cove. We wish them the best of luck in their preparations."

The spokeswoman for the Luka Committee said she was unable to rule out an Utanian bid for Vexilliad IV, but "that is some months away yet".

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