UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: February 5, 301 AP.

UFA "corrupt" says defiant Utanian Captain

In a move that has stunned the sporting world, the captain of the Utanian National team has gone public calling the ailing and divided Utanian Football Association "full of corruption".

"The organisation is full of corruption", declared national team captain Gordan West. "And we as a team are sick of being let down." West cited trainers and baggage carriers accompanying the team, then disappearing into the nightlife of the host city. Utanian newspapers recounted lurid tales of Utanian officials at nightclubs in Westria during the tournament. The Utanian squad was 18-strong, and accompanied by over forty officials and others.

Public outcry over the UFA's performance during the IVEFA world cup has echoed for days since Utania failed to secure a place in the second round of the Vexcup. It is not poor performance by the players, nor poor coaching, but "pathetic and insipid management and administration of the national team" that caused Utania to fail in her goal, declared one newspaper.

The fact that Utania was facing down a far better Westrian team apparently didn't matter.

However, the decrying is valid. The Westrians described Utania's team as up and coming, but it is a potential that most Utanians believe is being squandered on in-fighting, poor training schedules that don't allow players enough time before international games, and luxurious benefits for the officialdom of the association. The lack of coach reports at Nuropia'00 was the last straw for captain West.

The UFA has been in the sports papers for months. Sackings, political intrigue and nepotism have overtaken the organisation since Utanian independence, as reformers have attempted to move through the organisation throwing out the old "Guwimithian Guard" and their "cronies". Reformers have been fighting a losing battle for months, since before the sacking of reforming national coach George Newton, they say, but after the world cup debacle have renewed vigour.

President Okarvits has had long and significant talks recently with the Deputy Vice President of the UFA, the man now responsible for the national team. The meeting fuels speculation that the Presidential Administration may take over the national team, or even the UFA altogether.

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