UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: February 9, 301 AP.

Utania to have major new military strategy

President Okarvits today confirmed that his administration has been working for some weeks on a new military strategy with Utania's top military minds, and that this strategy will revolutionise the way the country defends itself.

While details are not due yet, all sources indicate that the shake-up includes a Û10 billion capital spending spree to re-arm and re-equip the Navy and air force. Talks with major arms suppliers Vexillium-wide have prompted the belief that Utania will make "significant purchases" in the coming weeks, according to one anonymous military salesman.

The changes also include a "re-focusing" of the armed forces toward defence of Utania's land and sea assets. "We will be turning our Navy to patrolling to region, rather than looking further afield, and our army will focus on the land border with South Bay." South Bay's recent troubles have spurred part of the action, but the President didn't want to seem alarmist.

"We do not believe South Bay, or any other nations in the SEOC region are going to be cause for concern for Utanians", the President told the crowd of journalists at the Press briefing, "But should the situation in South Bay deteriorate, we will need a defensive capability to stand by and be ready."

South Bay's government has been silent for over 12 months in terms of international communications, and speculation runs rampant that the leadership has suffered several assassinations and that a series of warlords now controls the country.

Utania has a standing force of 296,400 personnel (including 233,000 in the army), 149 aircraft (including 38 combat aircraft), 109 ships (including 41 combat ships). All further parties interested in Arms Sales to Utania should contact the Ministry of Defence via the defence.contracts@defence.gov.ut email address.

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