UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: February 28, 301 AP.

Rovens Institute "expelled" from Rovens

The independent press organisation, the Rovens Institute, says it has been expelled from Rovens by "right-wing thugs and government inaction".

Desperately in need of independent reporting, Rovens has lost a thousand-member independent "club" of journalists who would secretly report their own articles to the club, which would place them on the international and national wire. The secrecy was essential, says RI Chief Publisher William Tovolu, because any reporting on army indiscretions invariably lead to journalists being killed. Now, despite being based in the Rovens capital, Haastadt, the RI offices were no longer safe from attack after the murder of an Editor last month.

"People who would not identify themselves told us that Mr Di Angelo's death was a warning from the Army's Intelligence Unit" Mr Tovolu said. The AIU is rumoured to be responsible for over two thousand deaths in "security zones" close to the fighting with communist guerrillas. "The government told us that there was no known threat against us, and that there was little they could do".

RI is now without a home, and hopes to seek asylum in Utania, something that would further alienate it from the anti-Utania leftist government.

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