UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: March 15, 301 AP.

Suspect finally surrenders to police

The "unknown male" who accompanied a thirty-two year old woman who was murdered at the weekend finally contacted police and surrendered this afternoon, after a massive police search for the man.

Governor Cryer was attacked during the week for criticising the mother of four's morality, linking her morals to the fact that her four children had three different fathers, and then saying "her actions had consequences". Regardless, said the Governor, police were "still obliged to find and prosecute the killer". A massive manhunt ensued.

The Governor appears impervious to the attacks that followed, and his support marginally grew according to recent polls. He now stands a full nineteen points ahead of his rival in the race for the Governorship.

The unidentified man spoke to police by phone via a radio station he had called up, and agreed to surrender to them at a pre-arranged location in the rural city of Yoamith, 400km north-west of the state capital. In his brief conversation with the radio announcer, the man, identifying himself only as "that guy on TV", admitted to "losing his cool" with the woman who denied his sexual advances in her apartment later that evening, but refused to admit being the killer.

Police said the man, only identified as a 39 year old ingallish male, are helping them with their enquiries.

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