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Release: March 19, 301 AP.

Opposition parties oppose Utania's continued Dignanian role

The Parliamentary Opposition have sounded their opposing Utania's continued role in Dignania.

Opposition leader Thomas Kemp MP was incensed that Parliamentary debate was bypassed before the troops were sent, and has been booked to appear on three national programmes today and tomorrow to denounce the President's "personal crusade".

"He feels he needs to compensate for his father's righteousness with his own crusade in Dignania", declared the opposition leader. "The matter should be overturned to the international community, as suggested by the Burovian Realm, instead of tackling this matter completely alone! Utania's burden is too great when there are far more pressing matters at home!"

These concerns were echoed, in far more muted fashion, by the Burovian Party, with Max Boornal asking whether an international peacekeeping force would not be "better resourced" to provide a continued role in Dignania.

The leader of the Liberal Nationalists, Kyle Langley, was somewhat supportive of the action, but questioned the sending of three frigates in the convoy to Dignania when there was no known threat to the peacekeepers. "I would ask the President whether the defences of Utania are not being compromised by the sending of the three warships to Dignania or the 6500 troops."

The President was unfazed by this opposition. "We are doing what is right, for the people of Utania, and the people of Dignania. It is too early in the truce to change the playing rules and introduce other players to Dignania, right now. The South and the North both trust Utania and her role, and have faith in our commitment. If we were to walk away right now, we would betray that trust and damage the peace that exists."

"I would not do that the people of Dignania", the President insisted.

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