UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: March 31, 301 AP.

Utanian President condemns Rovens coup

President Okarvits of Utania has spoken out to condemn the attempted coup in Rovens, calling on the military to denouce it, and restore the country on the path to democratic reform.

The President made the plea in a speech Saturday afternoon to a Cruistian schools conference in Mulgrave. He called on the Rovens Army to reject "the path of violence" and to "embrace peace", staying true to the path of democratic reform that would ultimately be of benefit to all Rovenians.

President Okarvits said that he had spoken to President Kyonte of Rovens and provided him the full moral support of Utania, saying that Utania would "not watch tyranny and dictatorship return to the SEOC region". However, the Utanian President emphasised that this would stop short of military aid "much less outright intervention".

President Okarvits said Rovens had a "good chance" at becoming one of the leading democratic nations in the SEOC region, and would welcome opportunities to cooperate with the PIMR government. This is the first time that Utania has recognised the existance of Rovens, as the frosty relations between the two countries has prevented any real contact.

Yet, as one international relations analyst observed, "it is only when you are threatened with losing something that you realise it's true value". Professor Edwards of Luka University continued, "and Utania is currently feeling the effects of possibly losing the only other stable and independent nation in the SEOC region. To have a dictatorship in Rovens would be a serious blow to Utanian independence, and necessitate a heightening of military readiness, I fear."

President Okarvits is now supporting the only other possible ally in the region Guwimith aside, and the outcome is really decided by the actions of the Rovens military, which have not yet declared their support for or against the coup.

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