UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: April 21, 301 AP.

Ansonia and Utania to jointly develop, build Silovsky S-92 helicopters

After over a month of negotiations between Utania and Ansonia, the two nations have agreed a formula for the joint development and construction of Silovsky S-92 helicopters. <tech>UK-made Cougars</tech>

Within the territory of Ansonia are some of the former defence construction facilities of Northern Gronk, including the constuction facilities of the Silovsky S-92 helicopters. The Ansonian government does not have the entire engineering expertise required to recommence the construction of the helicopters, but with Utanian engineering expertise is expects to have the plant up and running within a few months.

The multi-million crown deal sees Utanian defence industries engineers from the "Firecats" jet fighter construction facilities outside Luka, a remnant of the Guwimith Empire, which used technology from Northern Gronk, arrive almost a month ago in Ansonia to assist with the design plans at the facilities, and training Ansonian staff in construction.

The helicopters are currently used by the Ansonian coast guard for search and rescue operations, and are not designed exclusively for military applications. Once the plant is up and running in Ansonia, it will provide jobs for Ansonians, and much needed export revenue for the war-ravaged country that has only recently re-established communications with the outside world.

Utania will buy five of the craft over two years from the Ansonian government, for an estimated Û125 million (~C42 million), and then Utanian engineers will return to Utania to complete the construction of a similar assembly plant in Utania to supply the domestic and then foreign demand for the craft. A royalty of Û3 million (C1 million) will be paid to the Ansonian government for each overseas sale by the Utanian plant. The Utanian Trade Minister said that he expected Utania would focus on the local market before competing overseas with Ansonia.

The only fly in the ointment is that although the factories exist within Ansonia, because they were designed under the Northern Gronk regime, the Northern Gronk nationalist government may attempt to assert her claim to ownership of the designs. Both the Utanian and Ansonian ministers downplayed any likelihood of this, given the "political situation in Northern Gronk".

The trade agreement was signed today in Agronia, Ansonia, by Ansonian Minister for Trade and Industry, CHUNG Loo Bin, and the Utanian Minister for Trade, Arthur Reagan. Mr Reagan denied that this agreement would preclude any other deals with other nations for defence supplies.

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