UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: May 18th, 301 AP.

Luka Herald -- Editorial Column: The "incorruptable" becomes corrupted?

The recent collapse of an apartment building in Utan Krysaror demonstrates that there may in fact be corruption within the "incorruptable" Peoples Utani-Saedaj state government, formerly of President Okarvits.

When then-Governor Okarvits was elected to the top job in the Guwimithian Dependency Province of Horn of Olives, he did so promising to remove all semblences of the corruption that appeared to plague the Democrat-lead coalition government. Now, it seems, only eighteen months after leaving the top job, and the corruption may have returned, and may bring down yet another Horn of Olives government.

Anonymous quotations from a building inspector on the site of a collapsed apartment building appeared to suggest that the building had been starved of certain necessary elements to remain standing. The concrete was not "properly formed nor properly supported". The ramifications are enormous. The building company may have withheld from the construction due to a lack of materials, but surely the Council building inspectors would have noted the problem and refused to pass it. Or were they paid simply pass it? Did the building company deliberately withhold some of the expensive steel reinforcing to save costs? Or did the council officials order them to, for a percentage of the savings?

With 70 million at stake, perhaps greedy officials thought they could save a couple of million for themselves?

Only days after federal police brought down one of the country's most corrupt sporting bodies, the Utanian Football Association, there may be more scandals to come from the capital city.

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