UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: Monday, June 4th, 301 AP.

President "wasting his time" asking South Bay to explain

A political expert on South Bay has told the President he is "wasting his time" trying to force the Lochboer government of South Bay to explain the weekend incursion into Utanian territory by over one hundred rebels.

"The government in Lochboer is not in control of the country", says Professor Pieter Liebert of the Luka Institute, an independent political think-tank. "Simply, the government lost control of the area to the south of Lochboer some months ago, and would have no idea who or what forces are invading Utania."

Professor Liebert said that South Bay government troops had been engaging rebels in the south of the city of Lochboer "for months". He also named the cities of Trix, Ax and Potok as "no longer under direct government control".

He explained that the government of South Bay began to break down in February of last year, as the revolutionary groups that initiated the country began fighting amongst themselves. Yellow Bay rebels, who are primarily blamed for the attack on a Zartlam oil rig that resulted in the collapse of the Guwimithian regime, are said to have taken control of much of the centre of the country, "in opposition to the government", the Professor explained.

He said the government should be strengthening border patrols and "accept" that South Bay is no longer a stable democratic state.

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