UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: July 2, 301 AP.

Old TV Advertisements are back

Utanian television, one week away from the polls, is being flooded with a
myriad of television advertisements for the political parties, and all
semblance of "no campaigning" in the election is long lost.

Once it was effectively agreed by the parliamentary parties that the agreement
not to turn this interim election into a campaign meant only that MPs
themselves could not campaign, that party members were free too, that let loose
the party machines to orchestrate the largest door-to-door campaign in the
country's history. Now, it seems, the last out-clauses in the agreement have
been exploited to see television advertisements return to television.

The opposition parties started the ball rolling over the weekend with a single
advertisement asking voters what has the government "done for you lately" using
a pop tune as the background. However, with so little time available to produce
advertisements, the major parties have simply recycled the old advertisements
from last year's campaign.

No doubt we can expect to see these play until the legal moritorium on Thursday

For a selection of the advertisments, see the following URL:

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