UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: July 16, 301 AP.

Accused file court injuction against Savant Motors settlement

Just as the Attorney General was about to agree a settlement in the Savant Motors case
with Mr Atosu Savante, a federal Court has upheld a complaint against the negotiations
pending a judicial examination.

Mr Savante was suing the government for the return of 212 million shares in the 1,653
million share Savant Motors Corporation. In his claim he says he was coerced into selling
his family's 25% stake in the company in 264ap after the death of his father, so that his
father's business partners could gift the shares to the Tsar's cousin, thus promoting the
success of the business. However, Mr Savante's former partners, and their descendants,
claim he is "grossly misrepresenting the truth" and have demanded an opportunity to clear
their names in court. However, the Attorney General Jurgen Hoff began negotiations with
Mr Savante regardless.

So, today, a federal court ordered a halt to negotiations, and ordered the Attorney General
and Mr Savante, and the filers of the injuction, to address the court on Friday as to why
a court case should not just be progressed in the Utani B'yan state court.

"This represents an abuse of power on the part of the judge", one Justice Department
insider said on condition of anonymity. "They have no right to interfere with
negotiations." But, lawyers for the complainants disagree.

"The government has clearly overstepped the mark, and should allow the court case with
Mr Savante to progress as normal." As to why the complainants had filed the injuction in
the federal court, as opposed to simply suing Mr Savante for defamation, the lawyer said
"And allow Mr Savante to defraud the government of billions? What a ridiculous notion!"
It is as citizens of Utania that the injuction has been put forward, not defamed persons.
The injuction says that should the government pursue negotiations, while the defamation
case is successful, then, it may be proven that the government was defrauded, with
enormous political consequences.

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