UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: July 17, 301 AP.

Former-Lord Dosansky takes case to Constitutional Court

Former Lord-Protector Sergei Dosansky of the Tsarist court has been bedevilled at every
corner in regaining his lands, but cracks are showing in the Utanian defence.

Dosansky is seeking redress from the Utanian government for seizure of his lands which he
aims to prove is unconstitutional. All four nations that were Guwimithian Dependencies had
the lands formerly owned by non-resident Guwimithians constitutionally gifted to their
respective governments as part of the UNVCOCN reforms of the former Dependencies.
Dosansky's lands were also seized by the Utanian government.

The former Lord-Protector in the Guwimithian Court has not yet set foot in Utania, but
hired a large cadre of Guwimithian lawyers to plead his case. To date, they have spent
most of their time learning Utanian law, as few Utanian lawyers will assist them. The
Utani Saedaj League and various unions nationwide have threatened to black-ban ANY local
firm or individual who assists the Guwimithians in their case. Consequently, the
Guwimithian lawyers have been forced to work most of their case in Guwimith as few hotels
will house them.

So far, their attempts before the Federal Courts have been in vain. The Federal Court has
simply pointed to the Constitution as the only legal framework for the nation, and
suggested repeatedly that only an appeal to the UNV can reverse this. Now, they have taken
their case to the Constitutional court. One criticism by the Federal Court was that
Dosansky himself has not been present.

The Dosansky lands were laid claim by Dosansky's great-grandfather, Military Governor of
the Utanian region in the 190s -- not the 290s as previously and erroneously stated -- and
are said to be worth in excess of Û62 million. They are currently tended as nine
individual farms leased out by the government and earn the government Û15 million a
year in lease, and the farmers in excess of Û43 million in revenues.

The revenue from his lands would add an estimated Û12 million in profits (C4 million)
each year to his assets of an estimated C110 million worldwide in property, shares and
cash. But, to the nobleman, this case is not so much an attempt to regain lands, but to
establish a precedent in the former Dependencies that would allow thousands of deprived
Guwimithians to regain their lands. His legal fund is primarily funded by donations from
113 former members of the Tsarist court, all of whom hope to recoup from the Dependencies
the assets they had stripped from them.

It is estimated that these assets, now government-owned, would be worth in excess of
C100 billion in Utania alone, and has the potential to bankrupt the Utanian government and
plunge the country into severe civil unrest. So, the government is fighting Dosansky every
step of the way.

NOTE: C = ChC = Christianan Crown = 3 Utanian Pund (Û)

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