UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: Friday, July 27, 301 AP.

Lendosan Confederation first priority 3 nation

The Lendosan Confederation is the first nation in Vexillium to be afforded
Priority 3 relations by the Utanian Diplomatic Relations department.

Priority 3 nations are those with whom Utania has a "strategic commitment".
While Utania shares few defence links with the Confederation, it does export
over a third of its total exports to the nation of over 130 million people,
worth almost Û30 billion annually.

It was Department of Trade officials that lobbied the Minister for Diplomatic
Relations, Robert Talin, to have the nation elevated to the highest diplomatic
status to emphasise the importance, within the government, of the relationship
with the Lendosan Confederation.

The three-tier structure is an internal benchmark to indicate the government's
priorities for foreign affairs dealings for the benefit of public service
officials. It is not supposed to be publicly known, however, with it being
known by many of the country's quarter-million or so public servants, it can
hardly be kept secretive. Now, officials will be hard-pressed to prejudice any
decision against the Lendosan Confederation, said one insider.

"This will certainly swing the satellite contract their way, I would expect",
the source told UPA reporters. The President, however, is said to have been
lobbying for the Burovian tender to win, believing that closer ties with the
Greater Burovian Realm will benefit the nation more significantly. Of course,
this is conjecture and rumour, with the official line being that the Lendosan
Confederation has been elevated.

The UNV is the only other entity with a Tier three rating, while three nations
share tier 2a rating, meaning they are "next on the list": Zartania, Bowdani
and Feniz. No nation is rated Tier Priority One, but EZO is classified "Tier
Zero" with diplomatic relations suspended since the unfortunate national
government's collapse.


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