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Monday, June 17th, 302 AP.

Editorial Column:
Could you name Utania's finance Minister?

A recent poll in Rovens has put the Finance Minister ahead of even the
President in terms of "trustworthiness", though, not quite yet in terms of the
man they would like to see as President. Adolph Gottlieb is a technocrat of the
highest calibre, the deputy leader of the Democratic Unionist Party in Rovens,
he has risen to high office through determined hard work and only a pinch of
self-promotion, preferring to have his party leader, and now have his President
promote his many talents. Only, now, the Press are joining in.

Gottlieb is popular alright, because the economy is the most driving issue in
Rovens at the moment, or at least President Weissman has wisely made it so. Not
the fascist riots, not crime, not the communist rebel state that occupies a
third of the country. The President has shrewdly identified the root cause of
all these evils: the dilapidated economy, and has put the country's leading
economic mind in charge of it. If nothing else, Weissman is shrewd.

Yet, it prompts a very good question for Utania. In a land where the economy
WAS charging ahead in great style, and is now suffering extraordinary
inflation, despite the President raising taxes recently, the man in charge of
the levers is an unknown.

Take a snap poll around the room you are in: who is the President of Utania?
Okarvits, right? Who is the Justice Minister and Attorney General? The animated
Jurgen Hoff. Who is the "conscience of the government" in charge of Health and
Social Services? Why, that would be former parish priest, Phillip Stanson. Ah,
now, who is the President's special Minister of the Environment? Dr Anita
Kangaapauli, right? So, who is in charge of the economy?

The inability of the Utanian population to answer that fundemental question
troubles this newspaper. Not because it represents ignorance of the Utanian
population, but because the man is unknown. The Okarvits Presidency has no "man
of the levers" that it cares to promote, as in Rovens. Instead, we all know the
social security, environmental and justice Ministers because these are the
things that matter to the President.

President Okarvits came to power almost two years ago, promising that he would
govern for all Utanians. Unfortunately, it is the liberals, the greens, the
reds and the lefties who have his ear, and the businesses, the finance and
industrial sectors, the beating heart of the economy, that provide the jobs,
the wages, the profits that fuel the economy are left out in the cold. Their
concerns are ignored, their worries are belittled.

This is not governing for all Utanians, Mr President. It is divisive and
ruinous of the economy, and of the conditions of the working people of this
nation. And they will tell you so in January.

Oh, and the answer: Arthur Reagan is the Economics Minister, but spends all his
time on trade, and the aging Richard Parkes is the country's Treasurer, ruling
the treasury department. Who would have known, aye? Be afraid, Me President, be
very, very afraid.

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