UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: Monday, June 17th, 302 AP.

President unveils Caiman-class warship

President Okarvits today unveiled the Utanian-designed Caiman-Class mission
support ship which would be constructed over the next year in Utania's naval
shipyards in the city of Shecker.

The new warship is named "Caiman class" after the crocodile-like Caiman that
lives in the jungle rivers of Utania, and the President promises the new ship
will have "the same effective and dangerous bite". But, like all defence
announcements, this one is also followed by the obligatory emphasises that the
ship is primarily for defence and humanitarian missions.

The President said the defence department is planning the construction of two
such vessels, with a view to perhaps offering them for sale in two year's time.

While it might later be referred to as "Military expenditure month", with the
purchase of an aircraft carrier and various other expenditure announced this
month, the government claims these projects have been on the books for over a
year, and only now is there something worth showing -- if only "showing" the
President's commitment to the defence of the country.

It is not the first time defence policy has defined Utanian politics, with
former-President Hope invading the I'ana islands in an unnecessary show of

"I believe that this nation must be able to shoulder its fair share of
peacekeeping operations. We can only do this when we have the right equipment
and the right people. It is the policy of this Presidency to ensure that the
people are prepared and the equipment is ready."


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