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Release: Thursday, July 4th, 302 AP.

New magazine to be released from Zeitgeist stable
New sports magazine
Utania is soon to have another sports magazine, "Sports Utania", published by
the Zeitgeist Corporation, responsible for the highly successful Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist Magazine's sports section has been doubled in size since the begin-
ning of last year, from sixteen pages to, now, thirty two pages, with the depth
of coverage increasing and increasing. In addition, Zeitgeist News is being
broadcast every day and night, with each day having half-an-hour of "Sports
Utania", plus a weekly three-hour Sunday afternoon show, the amount of sporting
news, views and articles necessitates a sports weekly.

So says Sports Utania editor David Madden. Madden was Zeitgeist Magazine's
sports editor until April, when the news magazine decided to spawn a separate
sports magazine.

"The magazine cannot continue to have such a growing sporting news section. We
are getting better and better coverage of football and other sporting events
here in Utania that we simply could not continue to feature it as sixteen then
twenty-four then thirty-two pages of Zeitgeist Magazine. It demanded its own
magazine. So, Sports Utania was born."

Sports Utania will specialise on the sporting events around Utania, but also
have a significant international sports section. Zeitgeist Magazine will
continue to have a sports section, but when Sports Utania begins publication,
that sports section will halve in size.

"This will allow Zeitgeist Magazine to specialise in being a business and news
magazine rather than a jack of all trades", Madden explains.

There is precedent for this with overseas publications, though most have been
a merger of the news magazine company with the sports magazine company, not a
breakaway publication. The biggest challenge for the new magazine, however,
will be the longer established Illustrated Sports magazine, from Westria, which
sells several thousand copies here in Utania. Fortunately for Zeitgeist, the
magazine's Utania section is small.

"Unlike Illustrated Sports", Madden explains, "we will be starting from the
base of being Utanian, and then move out into the wider sporting world, pulling
information from around the world. We believe that Utanians want to know about
Utanian sports first, Westrian and Realm sports second, and I think this will
be the differentiator that sets Sports Utania apart from its rivals."

There are other Utanian sports magazines, and rumours abound that the UFA is
looking to publish its own football-orientated magazine, but most competitors
are smaller, and will likely be overwhelmed by Zeitgeist Corporation's sheer
media power.

The Magazine will begin publication on August 1st, and publish on each Thursday
thereafter, selling for Û4.50 a magazine.

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