UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: Tuesday, July 23rd, 302 AP.

Stanfield Auto to sell Vinnish Ívalta cars

A deal was signed and announced today between Vinnish car giant, Ívalta,
and Utan Krysaror-based car sales company Stanfield Auto.

The Vinnish car company has sales estimated to be C2 billion in Vingarmark,
representing up to 40% of the domestic market, and hass been seeking
international exposure for some time. The deal in Utania links a
high-profile sales company with the auto-maker, and provides Ívalta with a
regional sales effort.

The deal sees Stanfield Auto establishing Stanfield Ívalta (Utania), a
targeted sales company that will be the exclusive seller of Ívalta cars in
the country, and the first such deal in Utania. Which is not to say that
foreign cars are not sold in Utania: 46,700 cars were imported from Lendia,
Christiana, Westria and other countries in 300ap.

The deal is the first foreign car company to provide direct competition to
the Savant and Dyson, Utania's indigenous car companies which control the
car market. While neither is particularly concerned, the announcement
certainly suggests that some future loss of market share is inevitable.

VAB, another Vinnish car-maker, is also looking to Utania to boost
international sales.

Utanian's spent Û18.9 billion (C6.3 bn) on 682,300 new cars in 300ap.

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