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Release: Thursday, July 25th, 302 AP.

Conservatives-CDP begin nomination race in Jostt

The six Conservative-Cruisian Democrat candidates for the coalition's
Presidential nomination started the race in the southern-Lasanne electorate of

It has been weeks building tension, but today the devoted Party members of the
Conservative and Cruisian Democrat parties voted in the first nomination race
of the country's Presidential race, in the Cruisian-Democrat dominated
electorate of Jostt.

While the final decision is announced at the joint-party conference in
September, the parties electoral branches agree on the candidate they prefer in
the preceding months. The twenty-five branches make independent decisions, with
the two parties weighted in the electoral office based on the vote they got IN
that electorate in July 301. Furthermore, the final choice of that branch is
weighted based on the July 301 votes they represent.

It is a system eighteen months in the making. <tech> If I haven't explained
well enough, it's similar to the US electoral college system </tech>

Jostt is one of the country's most significant coalition electorates, repre-
senting 18 of the total 465 electoral votes (185,000 people voted Conservative
and CDP in Jostt of a total 4,650,000 votes the two parties accumulated
nationwide). So, campaigning has been going on in Jostt for weeks, with regular
visits from Governor Cryer, federal opposition leader Thomas Kemp, and Governor

However, the party split within the coalition branch was a ratio of 13 CDP and
24 Conservative. With the Conservative votes split -- effectively 9 of 24 for
Kemp, 6 for Hope, 2 for Dwyer and 1 for Atosu -- yet the CDP vote almost
entirely his own, Governor Cryer was declared the victor for the branch, giving
him all 18 branch votes.

This was regarded as predictable by coalition pundits, but many are surprised
that Governor Hope is being trounced in his own state. The next branch vote is
in the equally important Mulgrave, representing 17 branch votes on Tuesday.

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