-- The Department of Business and Trade --

Welcome to the web site for the Department of Business and Trade. We are charged by the President with ensuring government support for business within Utania, for removing the barriers to business and promotion of Utanian goods overseas.

It is, in other words, our task to make Utania as profitable and easy an investment choice for your organisation. We offer significant incentives to corporations who invest in Utania, and provide help with all the necessary arrangements to navigate simply though to the outcome you require.

Utania is a large producer of farm goods, having largely supported the Guwimithian Island with food supplies, from wheat to corn, to beef and lamb and everything in between.

Utania also produces some of the world's best quality goods, and we can offer incentives to you to import our goods, although, our goods speak for themselves. From machinery, to chemicals, to clothing, to automobiles and heavy machines, Utania is second-to-none in manufacturing. We are also significantly cheaper than most, too.

The lifestyle in Utania is also second-to-none. We offer the "Rapid Commercial Visa" process to sponsored employees to facilitate getting your key employees into the country in as short a time as possible, as little as a week. This is, as you know, crucial to the success of any business venture, and Utania is keen to have your business.

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