-- Utanian Cinema/Film --

Utanian cinematic expression is relatively new, the technology only having existed in the past fifty years in the Dependencies. Yet, despite this setback, Utanian cinema has exploded over the past twenty years, with several productions being still available on video in Utania (several more were burnt by the oppressive regime). A continuation of the traditional literary themes has evolved in Utanian cinema, with a production of "Kopanaj taura yo Opay" released in '97. Unfortunately, most Utanian cinema is only available in Utanian, and few have been translated. There is growth in Ingallish-language productions, primarily for foreigner audiences in the main centres, and most inernational blockbuster films are available in Utania as well.

Fortunately for the Utanian arts, all political parties have vowed to provide funding to Utanian art foundations, and to prevent too great an influx of foreign-made films into Utania, in order to foster local artistic talent.

-- Radio and Television --

Utania has seven government-owned television stations, and several more radio stations. The national Ingallish-language TV stations are TV1 and Channel 2, the former being a news and documentary viewing, and the latter being entertainment, including many foreign television programmes. There is an almost-national Utani language station, Amara-Nij Utani, which is educational for the non-Utanian as it offers several programmes in Ingallish describing the culture of the traditional Utani. This will be available in the major cities, and most other places.

Cable TV has not yet come to Utania, though there is plans for this before the end of 300AP. Most major hotels will immediately begin subscribing, as they are dependent on Luka free-to-air television and in-house video until now.

There is several national and regional radio stations available, trasmitting mostly on the AM band (560-1700 kHz), but some, especially on the east cost, are on the FM band (90-110 MHz in Utania). Radio Utania is the national "news and views" broadcaster, available on 720 kHz and 95.3 MHz, which also has plans to commence international transmission. It already transmits into Guwimith region.

Utania uses the Christianan standard for video and television.

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