The Weapons Limitation Treaty 300

Clause 1: The Vexillian Nations subscribing to and signing this agreement agree to publicly declare their non-wartime military capabilities and to limit their troops, weapons sales, and weapons caches, to the limits declared in this document.

Signatory Nations

The Kingdom of Christiana Kingdom of Christiana Army - Limitation to 100,000 soldiers
Navy - Limitation to 50,000 Sailors; Limitation to 75 Combat ships
Air Force - Limitation to 25,000 Airmen; Limitation to 150 Combat planes
Marines (Navy) - Limitation to 10,000 Combat marines
Sultanate of Feniz Sultanate of Feniz Staff/Central Services - 12,000 soldiers
Royal Guards - 6,000 guards; 47 planes; 1 ship
Royal Constabulary - 26,000 constables; 141 Planes
Royal Army - 18,000 soldiers; 80 tanks; 170 planes
Royal Navy - 20,000 sailors; 48 ships; 61 planes
The Sultanate of Feniz voluntarily limits its armed forces to a maximum number of 90,000 soldiers for all future times.
NB. The Ulnovabad police of 2,200 are not counted as soldiers in terms of the WLT.
Fora Rifo Autonomous Moun Republic of Fora Rifo
(Foreign representation by the Sultanate of Feniz)
Fora Rifo has a National Guard of 30, serving as a police force, and a militia, mainly for ceremonial purposes, of 3 companies and a music band.
Largest piece of equipment is a cutter operated by the coast guard section.
Lendosan Confederation Lendosan Confederation Army = 217,000 soldiers. Tanks = 100
Navy = 171,000 sailors. Naval Ships = 188
Air Force = 96,000 airmen. Air Force Planes = 576
Others = 196,250 staff.

Trinian Empire Trinian Guard = 25,000 people. Soldiers = 5,000 Coastguard Cutters = 23

Listonian Free State The state has agreed to the following, volluntary, peace-time force limitations:
Active troops in FLDF (unified command): 55,500
FLDF reserves: 125,000
Fighters: 60
Main Battle Tanks: 70
Attack helicopters: 200

The Vexillium Weapons Limitation Treaty is administered by the
United Democratic Republic of Utania, Department of Diplomatic Relations.

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