To: All parties involved in the Dignanian Armistice
From: President George Okarvits,
The United Democratic Republic of Utania.

March 17th, 301 AP.

Peace be with you.

On behalf of the Presidency, the Parliament and the People of Utania, I wish to congratulate the parties who have signed this historic and ground-breaking armistice that ends two years of terrible conflict in Dignania, and thank them for their inordinate patience and forbearance in staying the course even when negotiations were intolerable.

Your tolerance, your commitment to peace, and your patience with eachother stands as a monument to peace in this world. Your shining example should forever light the way for the peoples in civil conflicts across the globe.

I wish to also thank the efforts of the negotiators from both sides. You are of immeasurable value to your communities, and may they continue to hold you in high esteem for the valued service you have acted for them.

Further thanks to the immeasurable efforts of our own General Gordain, members of the Presidential Military Negotiations Corps and the Utanian Peacekeepers who have worked tirelessly to help effect the peace that now stands. They are a credit to the Defence Forces and nation of Utania, and we are in their debt.

Dignania now stands as an example that peace and negotiation can be the only way forward, rather than the "speech" of bombs and bullets. The people of Dignania are now able to continue their lives without the fear of death, and prosperity, learning and the arts of the Dignanian peoples should be able to return. The division of the Dignanian people will never be easy to bear, but the two sides must consider this the first step - the first step is peace, and then, with further dialogue continuing, further agreements can be reached, without the sound of the gun or cannon, or unnecessary deaths of the people. I urge the parties involved to continue the dialogue - yes, fight on with word, not sword - that you may both, one day, reach the day when a final peace can be established that unites the people of Dignania is one common cause: peace, prosperity and wisdom.

I personally am delighted to know that the literal of the words "peace be with you" apply once more to the people of Dignania, and may there be innumerable years of such peace and prosperity to come.

Peace be with you.

Yours sincerely,
President George Okarvits,
Utan Krysaror,
The United Democratic Republic of Utania.