To: Thomas Kemp
Prime Minister, Leader of the Provisional Parliament,
The Prime Minister's Office of the United Democratic Republic of Utania.
From: S.A.A.
Prime Minister
Federal Republic of Whitlam.
This is an abridged version of this Communiqué. Abridged for Security purposes.

June 10th, 300 AP.

We propose that this would entail:
- Establishment of immediate diplomatic relations, to commence immediately being in the form of Ambassadors appointed and temporarily housed in the temporary accommodations.

Not a problem at all. We generally welcome diplomatic relations, but we do observe an observation period, but we will dispense with this in this case, as we're familiar with dealing with former UNV administered states.

- Establishment of a treaty relating to mutual economic prosperity, international justice, mutual peace, and diplomatic immunity reciprocal relations between each of our great nations.

We'd agree in principle to these points, but would need more detail regarding the "international justice issue".

I would like to pursue certain matters regarding the military further. We've been quite actively involved in the past in modernising military forces, and building successful defence forces.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on the above matters.

All the best to you and yours.


Original Communique
Subsequent Communique