To: The Prime Minister
Federal Republic of Whitlam.
From: Dr Eloi White,
Director of Diplomatic Relations,
The United Democratic Republic of Utania.

June 20th, 300 AP.

The Utanian Prime Minister has asked me to finalise the arrangement for embassy exchange and address the issues raised in your reply to our previous letter.

Firstly, allow me to thank you for your trust and faith in Utania and her leadership that you would dispense with the observation period in our case. We hope that you find the sacrifices of Whitlamite life and expense of effort in the Guwimith Dependencies has yielded good fruit in Utania.

Allow me to present Ambassador John Dayama to the Federal Republic of Whitlam. We hope you shall find him ready and willing to assist you and enhance our relations.

The Embassy for the Federal Republic of Whitlam will be at:
18 Aranja Road,
Presidential Central,
Utan Krysaror, 12002

Please find attached the Embassorial seal for Utania.

Thank you for your previous letter of June 8th. The Prime Minister was relieved by your frank diplomatic style, for this open and honest communication leaves little room for misinterpretation, and presents Whitlam as our ally in these matters, which we welcome. We shall endeavor to reciprocate with allies such as you.

You have asked for clarification regarding the nature of the treaty, specifically the matter of "international justice". We shall deal with that in a jointly Zartania/Whitlam addressed letter.

Military matters - you expressed a desire to pursue such matters further. We are delighted that FR of Whitlam would assist us in the development of our armed forces. General Arjaat is the Military head of the Armed Forces in Utania, and the President's Director of National Defense matters. While he has assured me that he is able to organise the military (<Tech> I was a teenage wargamer, too ;-) </Tech>), he welcomes the cooperation of your government. General Arjaat tells me he would welcome your military minds "glancing over" his proposed military structure when he has completed it, if appropriate. He will send this on as soon as it is near-complete.

This is, of course, contingent on the UNV completing the hand-over to Utania, and handing-over the military which is currently under joint control. (<Tech> No, nothing Max has done, I just haven't had time to work through the proposed size of the AF, as in number of this-and-that equipment; ships, tanks, etc... </Tech>.)

However, the greatest difficulty the Utanian Armed Forces have is lack of experience. Though General Arjaat, as with many of the soldiers serving, served in the Guwimith AF, there is a lack of harder experience in the wider military. We welcome any advice your nation is able to offer. Perhaps you could further detail your offer of assistance?

We have offered the Zartanians a small number of our troops as "Peacekeepers" in Dignania, not with a view to anything more than real experience. We assured the Zartanians have no desire to become embroiled in the conflict, but perhaps to relieve some of their troops so they can concentrate on the fighting at hand. (And we appreciate your advice on our dealings with Zartania.) We shall also extend this offer to the UNVCOCN, to perhaps help with UNV Territory "Gvonj", which is dear to our hearts.

Further to this, we will be in need of updating our defensive capabilities. Guwimith, as you know, had little in the way of sophisticated or modernised military equipment or methods. If Whitlam is able to assist in this way, too, we shall welcome it.

We would welcome the opportunity to expand on our relationship to include trade and economic ties. Zartania have informed us that as a non-market economy that is currently embroiled in a war, they do not believe this is applicable to them, and we respect this. We do, however, believe that Whitlam and Utania could benefit from mutual economic assistance.

As you may know, farmers in Utania continue to supply Guwimith with grain and other foods. We would like to think that we could extend that to perhaps trading with Whitlam in the same way. When our Economic Census is complete, we will be able to furnish you with a comprehensive list of skills, trade goods and investment opportunities in Utania.

We shall also be opening our doors to investment opportunities in the coming months, with several billion ChC in government-owned companies that the Government will seek to privatise or sell its stake in. We are also in need of development loans, for if we ever hope to escape our current economic poverty, we shall need to purchase equipment from overseas, and this will require capital we currently do not have.

We welcome your thoughts on all these matters. Your candid communications give us hope that on Vexillium, Utania has allies who desire to assist her develop her full potential.

Thank you once more for your kind embassorial fast-tracking.

Peace be with you.


Eloi White,
Director of Diplomatic Relations,
Office of the President,
UDR of Utania.