To: Sir Randall Young, K.K., Duke Ixtran'zhil,
Foreign Minister,
Greater Zartanian Empire
From: Dr Eloi White,
Director of Diplomatic Relations,
The United Democratic Republic of Utania.

August 18th, 300 AP.

I would like to thank the government, Royal Army and His Royal Majesty for their faith in Utania and for the establishment of full diplomatic relations with Utania. We continue to be indebted to His Royal Majesty, and the people of the Greater Zartanian Empire, for his efforts and sacrifices in establishing the framework for Utanian independence.

We thank you for the establishment of an Embassorial building within the capital, and shall send our own cultural, economic and military attachés as soon as the appointments can be made. We also welcome Baroness Minbar to our shores and hope that she will find her accomodations in Utan Krysaror acceptable. The climate she will find is similar to that in the Imperial City.

The offices provided in Utania I am sure you will find continue to serve in the change to Embassy from Consulate. There will have been more than sufficient room before, and continue to be so even with the introduction of attachés from the Empire. In addition, we now promote Graeme Wright from Consul to full Ambassador, and he shall continue to serve in the Imperial capital as our chief link to the Empire.

We are saddened to learn that the Empire appears to be victim to yet another conflict and continue to extend an offer of whatever assistance we can to the Empire in this time.

Peace be with you.

Eloi White,
Director of Diplomatic Relations,
Office of the President,
UDR of Utania.