To: Utanian Diplomatic Relations Ministry,
Utan Krysaror, United Democratic Republic of Utania.
From: Delenn Miri, 3rd Baroness Minbar,
KSZ ambassador to Utania.
on behalf of His Royal Majesty, King Bruno II vun Q'Leist

September 27th, 300 AP.

On behalf of His Royal Majesty, King Bruno II, I bid greetings to the United Democratic Republic of Utania.

It has been brought to our attention here at the Zartanian embassy that there has been a riot recently outside the UNVCOCN mission in Luka regarding a supposed UNV communication that was recently published in Zeitgeist magazine. As you undoubtedly know, the Greater Zartanian Empire is an active member of the UNVCOCN. Having been supporters of the Utanian government from its inception, we are understandably disappointed in the recent riots, especially given that the authenticity of the UNV message has not even been verified.

In fact, the validity of the message is somewhat in doubt for one major reason: if the UNV were to attempt to reassert its central control over Utania, it would have to be the UNVCOCN that carried out such a mandate. The two most active members of the UNVCOCN, and therefore the ones that would have to supply the majority of the forces used in such an action, are Whitlam and Zartania. These two governments just fought a conflict last year over the territory that is now Utania in order to free it from the grips of a dictatorship that was abusing its power. I can assure you that the Zartanian Royal Government has no intention of reasserting its military predominance in this country as long as it feels no direct threat. With some level of confidence, I believe I may also assert that the Federal Republic of Whitlam has similar feelings on the subject. So if the two primary powers that would be involved in such a UNV take-over are not willing to exercise the requisite power, why is such validity being given to this message?

It is the opinion of several officials in the Royal Zartanian Government, especially in the Sixth Ministry, that the UNV communiqué is actually a fabrication released by one of the parties currently seeking the presidency in the upcoming elections. The Utanian people should take a long, hard look at the situation, and ask themselves this question: who has the most to profit by stirring up popular opposition to the UNV?

Please also be aware that while we recognize that the Utanian people have a right under Utanian law to protest their injustices, we will not stand idly by if Zartanian citizens or property are harmed by such protests. The Greater Zartanian Empire has eleven citizens on the UNVCOCN staff in Luka. If such riots erupt again, and Zartanian citizens are injured or otherwise harmed, we will hold the appropriate people and institutions responsible, and justice will be served. This is not meant as a threat, simply as a warning and a reminder. Again, we urge the Utanian people to carefully consider all of the facts, and all of the various facets of this issue before reaching a conclusion.

May Honor and Glory grace the United Democratic Republic of Utania for Eternity.

Delenn Miri, 3rd Baroness Minbar
KSZ ambassador to Utania
on behalf of His Royal Majesty, King Bruno II vun Q'Leist