To: Delenn Miri, 3rd Baroness Minbar,
KSZ ambassador to Utania
on behalf of His Royal Majesty, King Bruno II vun Q'Leist
From: President Edward R. Hope,
Acting President of the United Democratic Republic,
The United Democratic Republic of Utania.

September 29th, 300 AP.

I have taken the responsibility personally for authoring this reply to you and the Greater Zartanian Empire because of the great deal of concern that recent events in Luka have raised within your government, and to assure you that I have taken the necessary action to secure the safety of the foreign citizenry employed within the UNVCOCN Offices concerned.

As of last night (Thursday night), I authorised a detachment of 250 heavily armed Presidential Guardsmen to secure the safety of the UNVCOCN officers trapped within their besieged building and to take them to a safe location. This exercise has been undertaken without incident, and I am happy to report that all officers are healthy and well, a little shaken by their ordeal. The Chef-de-Mission, Gordon Davidz, has authorised all of the staff to be return to their home country's on Stress-related leave, a fact I will be slow in reporting to the media so as to secure their unhindered passage home.

No one is more appreciative of the facts of Utania's liberation than I, and more indebted to the people of the Zartanian Empire than the people of Utania. Through the effort and blood shed by Zartanian and Whitlamite soldiers and officials, Utania now has her freedom, a fact we shall be slow to forget. We hope to continue to count the Empire amongst our greatest allies and friends. It is with these deep feelings of thankfulness that I agreed to the detachment of troops bound to Dignania to support the Empire's efforts in securing another nation her same freedom.

We are also equally appreciative of the role of the Greater Zartanian Empire in the UNVCOCN mission to Utania.

Therefore, it is with a great deal of relief that we acknowledge that the Empire has no interest in cooperating with the "Point South" Mission's recommendation for re-occupation of Utania, and that this is also likely to apply to F.R.Whitlam. We do not hold responsible the people of the Empire or Whitlam for the scandalous inferences in the alleged memo. We ultimately hold responsible the head of that mission for even entertaining the idea.

I am sure that you can appreciate that it is not so much the physical threat of invasion that appalls this nation, but the inferences and suggestions that are hidden within the memo's case for "re-occupation". Utania's sovereignty was disregarded in the conclusion of the memo, something that we Utanians are incensed by, as I am sure you can understand. No international agency has rights over the sovereignty of nations, not even ones undergoing birth-of-democracy pains. The memo also cast doubt upon the integrity of the people of Utania, not least of all myself and several members of our esteemed military services. It implied that Utanians lacked commitment to democracy, and would fall to totalitarianism at the slightest hint of instability. This is an insult based in the ignorance and racist attitudes of the UNVCOCN analysts to the very people of Utania who have fought hard and bloody battles to secure their ultimate freedom over the course of history.

I can appreciate that these protests may appear an overreaction, and certainly I will not argue that the small-scale riots of Wednesday morning were acceptable. However, I will stand by the people of Utania in expressing our disgust with the conclusions of the UNVCOCN memo.

As to the authenticity of the memo in question, the burden of dis-proof will lie with the UNVCOCN Mission Director, and I have impressed this fact upon him repeatedly in our most recent meeting. The burden of proof lies with Zeitgeist Magazine, and I have, as I write, ordered the "arrest" of the guilty parties to provide me with proof of the alleged memo's existence. Knowing the CEO of the magazine personally for a number of years leads me to believe that they believe they have the "real article". I will, however, insist on unreserved proof.

Therefore, in conclusion, I have ordered the "rescue" of Zartanian and other foreign employees of the UNVCOCN mission, and they have been or will be taken to their home country for some well-earned rest. The authenticity of the memo in question WILL be tested and thoroughly examined by this government, and we will not rest until the truth of these matters is fully known.

I trust that this response meets with your satisfaction, and that of His Royal Majesty. May I express my apologies on behalf of the Utanian people for any concern we have caused your people, and thankfulness for your continued interest in our development.

Peace be with you and the great nation you represent.

President Edward R. Hope,
Acting President of the United Democratic Republic,
Office of the President,
UDR of Utania.