June 19th, 300 AP.

Dear Mr. Eloi White, we bid you greetings from the Provisional Junta of Ordland.

We are very pleased the President can represent the UDR of Utania in this most joious time of the life of our country. We can be sure a profitable mutual agreement will derive from his visit. We equally thank him for presenting the Utanian Ambassador to Ordland, and we equally thank your Government for reserving a space for our embassy. Our ambassador, which shall be presented to the President during the festivities, shall be HE Archibald Figueireira, Baron of Blaise. Meanwhile, we have equally reserved a space in Newton for the embassy headed by Mr. Philip Aruj. The address is

278 Park Avenue, Newton
NT-12500 Ordland

About the Utanian guardsmen, our usual policy is to only allow foreign guards into the country if they are unarmed, and then arming them, at the request of the embassy, with Ordlandic Police weapons.

Hoping a very profitable mutual relationship can arrise from our understanding,
The Provisional Military Junta of Ordland

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